Small spitzes that descend from ancient spitzes were exported to England in 800 ac and they were used to breed a dwarf spitz known as Pomeranian. Queen Victoria was one of the reasons why the breed became popular. She started to breed Pomeranians in her Windsor kennel in 1891. The same year The English Kennel club was established and the breed standard which is still used was published. England is also concidered as the home country of this particular Pomeranian breed. The continental breed has also had many famous fans, including Marie Antoinette, Napoleon and Mozart. Pomeranian is the most popular of German spitzes.

First poms came to Finland in the beginning of 18th century. Breeding itself began in 1920's with imports from England, Russia and Sweden. Annually there are now around hundred puppies registered.

In FCI all German spitzes have a common breed standard which includes Pomeranian. In Northern America and Great Britain Pomeranians have own standards. The countries are not members in FCI so these standards are not officially accepted in Finland. In Germany they have a more prick eared type called Zwergspitz altough nowadays the British type has also become popular.

Pomeranian charms with it's rich fur. Particularly impressive are the richly hairy collar and the tail that the dog carries with pride. It has foxlike head, alert eyes and small ears that give the breed it's impudent expression. The height is between 18 to 22 cm. Colourscale is broad: black, orange, brown, white etc. All are judged together in a dog show.

The expression of the face tells all of the breeds character. It is alert and the guarding sense is very strong. It can also bark easily but it it doesn't leave it's area. The fur is easy to maintain altough it needs to be trimmed. First time it should be trimmed by the breeder or an expert but trimming is easy to learn. In the dog show the breed is one of the most likely group and BIS winner.

The pom is an all-purpose breed. It's a perfect companion, a show dog, agility and obedience are also it's hobbies. It loves the outdoors and can play with bigger friends as well. It's a small dog with self esteem and pride and it knows everyone loves just him!